Netflix is a perfect example of a popular app build with Node. Before switching to Node.js, it was using Java on server-side and JavaScript on client-side, which forced the developers to know both languages and code twice. With Node.js, though, Netflix streamlined the development process and improved the app’s performance. In fact, the load time is said to have decreased by 70%.
There are a couple of ways to set focus on an element the Blazor native way. Because a Blazor App is a SPA, when user navigate to a page, it just load a part of page as needed. That why autofocus attribute won't work. Also, you can't embed a <script> tag in any where to do focus or anything else. With JavaScript Support
Source: Steven Larracey When you are choosing a paper for your project, what do all the paper terms mean? We are going to try and sort that out for you. Coated Paper Coated paper has been coated with a surface sealant, typically clay, to impart certain qualities to the paper, including weight, surface gloss, smoothness or reduced ink...

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Bảo mật cơ bản cho WHMCS

WHMCS là hệ thống quản lý và billing phổ biến nhất, vì thế nó cũng là miếng mồi ngon cho hacker vì dữ liệu...

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